July 18, 2019

33: pt2 - Michael Bristow - CEO - CrowdProperty

33: pt2 - Michael Bristow - CEO - CrowdProperty

Mike's investor-minded approach has grown an 8-figure property portfolio predominantly in London and also the South East and abroad. With a diversified portfolio and a deeply analytical approach to investments, he has also attracted significant private co-investment into high-yielding London residential property. Mike is an active angel investor in PropTech, FinTech and marketplace businesses, including Hubble, AirSorted, YourWelcome, Switchee, Land Insight, Propoly, Office R&D, Urban Intelligence, Falcon DHQ, Rialto, AskPorter, Youtility, Movem, Landbay, Howsy, Rentuu, Infabode, Syndicate Room and both Pi Labs venture capital funds to date. 

In this episode, Tom & Adam are joined by Michael Bristow, CEO of CrowdProperty and find out more about how peer-to-peer / crowdfunding is helping to solve the issues developers face to raise funds. Mike is an uber-successful entrepreneur and we discuss his journey and he shares a lot of the lessons he has learned. 

Part 1

· We find out Mike’s personal history and how he entered into the rental market as a landlord.

· What CrowdProperty is and how it lends differently to traditional lenders.

· How PropTech is revolutionising lending.

· The process of applying with CrowdProperty and how to present your application effectively. 

· What red flags pop up when applying and how to avoid them.  

· What are the exciting cases are and what CrowdProperty keep an eye out for.

· How CrowdProperty raise funds and the benefits to their investors. 

Part 2

· Mike’s market opinion and predictions with all the uncertainty in the market.

· Where to invest based on data generated from the CrowdFunding platform.  

· Mikes advice for being a private landlord and investor.  

· Is there still a place for landlords with only one or two properties? Or is there a better route to invest.

· Is build-to-rent to future of development?  

· How do investors receive their returns with CrowdProperty?

· What excites Mike about PropTech and whats coming up!.. AI?


To find out more about Mike and CrowdProperty visit www.crowdproperty.com follow on Twitter: @crowdpropertyUK, Instagram: @crowdproperty like their facebook page: www.facebook.com/CrowdProperty or on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/crowdproperty

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