July 11, 2019

30: EP030 pt1 - Nick Watchorn - Managing Director - Landlords National Purchasing Group

30: EP030 pt1 - Nick Watchorn - Managing Director - Landlords National Purchasing Group

In 2008 Nick Watchorn, a landlord frustrated by the difficulty in finding good quality products for his rental properties, came up with a simple idea. He would bring together landlords from across the UK and collectively they would be able to negotiate better prices. As a consequence of his persistence LNPG was born and is now the fastest growing buying group for landlords in the UK.

In this episode Tom & Adam are joined by Nick and find out more about how the Landlords National Purchasing Group are helping landlords save money and improve quality as well as Nick’s entrepreneurial journey. 

· We find out Nick’s personal employment history and how he entered into the rental market as a landlord.

· Nick’s disaster first purchases!

· How Nick built a portfolio of 30 properties pre-2008.

· The building of relationships with his tenants. 

· How LNPG come about and its core purpose.  

· Nick tells us how he works on behalf of landlords to improve service from manufacturers.

· Nick’s view on the tenant fee ban and government policy.  

· Why Nick has avoided HMO’s and kept with purchasing houses. 

· Nick name drops having dinner with Prince Charles!  

· Tom and Nick share stories about nightmare tenants. 

· Should there be a qualification to be a landlord?

To find out more about LNPG or become a member visit www.lnpg.co.uk follow on twitter: @theLNPG, like their facebook page: www.facebook.com/theLNPG/

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