June 22, 2019

29: Interview - Tom Gatzen - Founder, Ideal Flatmate

29: Interview - Tom Gatzen - Founder, Ideal Flatmate

In this weeks episode the boys are joined by Tom Gatzen, founder of Ideal Flatmate. Tom is a really interesting guy and this episode is very varied covering a host of topics ranging from axe murderers to setting up your own business! 

Ideal Flatmate is an app that helps people find their perfect match for house/flat sharing. What makes Ideal Flatmate different is it works on a similar basis as the ever popular dating apps matching people on detailed preferences. 

· We find what Ideal Flatmate is and how it works.

· Tom’s career history. 

· How/why Tom decided to set up a business. 

· How in two years they’ve become the second largest flat sharing website in London and now they’re going national with international inspiration.

· How the build-to-rent market is fuelling Ideal Flatmate and the future of the rental market.

· Rental trends nationally and internationally.

· The surprising statistic of what is the faster growing flat share age group. 

· What weird stuff has been requested on the site. 

· Lessons learned from setting up a business and raising business finance.

· The working culture of Ideal Flatmate and Tom’s management style.

· The balance of taking money out of the business for yourself vs keeping it in the business to grow for the future. 

· Does HS2 boost the north or is it a vanity project.

· Toms outlook of the near future of UK politics with Brexit and the Tory leadership. 

To find out more about Tom and Ideal Flatmate visit www.idealflatmate.co.uk follow on twitter/instagram: @idealflatmate like their facebook page: www.facebook.com/idealflatmate 

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