May 9, 2019

23: 7 Point Sales Process with Tony Webster (Tom's Dad!)

23: 7 Point Sales Process with Tony Webster (Tom's Dad!)

Tony has trained his sales teams over the last 20 years with a sales strategy called the ‘7 Point Sales Process’. There are 100s of sales books and sales strategies, but Tony’s 7 Points are simple and effective. 

In this episode we cover a range of topics including:

· Tony’s upbringing and growing up with dyslexia.

· Career path from digging holes, furniture removals, sales and setting up a businesses.

· Tony’s experience with a ‘sell me this pen’ interview in the 1980’s.

· How cold-calling set Tony a part from his colleagues in banking.

· When Tony sat down with one of Britain’s richest men who famously brought adverse lending (sub-prime mortgages) to from the USA to the UK in the early 1990’s. 

· Early entrepreneurial experiences with prawns & the famous ‘plastic buckets’. 

· Tony’s first business that he set up, sold (management buy-out) and set up the next. 

· Experience with Venture Capital funding. Advice on the process of raising money.

· Disrupting financial service with FinTech pre-credit crunch.

· A discussion and education of the ‘7 Points Sales Process’. Making Sales a Profession. 

· Case study on: David Lloyds poor sales process. 

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