Nov. 30, 2020

2: 'Property Deal Sourcing' from the legend of sourcing himself David Siegler

2: 'Property Deal Sourcing' from the legend of sourcing himself David Siegler

Tom and Rob's first podcast as co-hosts and we had to go big! 

A man that doesn't need much of an introduction as he is a legend in the property deal sourcing game. A property expert, speaker & trainer we are joined by David Siegler.

The show has some fantastic take-aways for those looking to start in their property journey as well as seasoned investors. We take a look at David's personal investment journey and a deep dive into the world of property deal sourcing.

  • David talks about how he started in property and the influences in his life.
  • How he took advantage of buy-to-let mortgages when they first came to market.
  • His experience of the property crash in the early 90s and the 2008 credit crunch.
  • David discusses how early retirement wasn't for him and how he got back in the game.
  • We take a deep dive into how deal sourcing works and how you can get started with little or no money. 
  • What investors should look out for when working with deal packagers and the importance of regulation/compliance.
  • David's best and worst deals... plus lots more!

For more from David you can listen to his podcast 'Property Sourcing Profits' and hunt him down on Facebook.

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